Diving in the Philippines (Logistics and Accommodations)

Based on ScubaDiving.com’s readers choice awards the Philippines ranks #3 as the best overall diving in the Indo-Pacific region and the #1 best value for dollar.

Let us give you the lowdown on diving in the Philippines to set expectations and maybe give you the reasons why readers rated diving in the Philippines so high.

International Flights

The main flights going to the Philippines land in Manila but the country has a total 3 international airports, the others are in Cebu and Davao, Cebu being the next hub to Manila. Most international flights arrive at Manila, regional and small carriers offer direct flight to Cebu and Davao. All 3 airports would have easy access to dive destinations but there are some dive spots where you may need to take another boat or plane ride from these airports. Diving in Bohol, Dumaguete, and Palawan will require another boat or plane ride.


Accommodations and dive resorts are relatively cheap and it ranges from US$50 – 100 (maybe $200 if you want luxury accommodations). Depending on the resort it may include full board meals already. Some even include unlimited tanks for diving especially if they have their own house reef. Logically if you go dive with a buddy or group these cost go lower as the cost of the rooms can be shared among your fellow divers. Most resorts allow 4 people to a room, it has to be noted though that the rooms aren’t that big. For local though who just stay overnight these accommodations are perfect since it’s really the diving they look forward to.

Transportation (Manila to Anilao)

Taking public transportation specifically for divers is not recommended basically because of the amount of gear carried. The cost (at least for diving in Anilao) for transport will range from US$130 – 220 one-way. If you stay long enough in a resort may shoulder this cost and its best you arrange transportation with the resort so it’s easier to coordinate the logistics of it. Usually it’s a small van that is used to pick up in the airport or hotel.

For the adventurous who wish to take public transportation (and if you’ll just be renting gear), the estimate cost would be around US$50 to 100 using several modes or public transportation. You start off from a bus in the city and you go to the nearest municipality or city. In the case of Anilao, Batangas, take the bus to Batangas City or Bauan, Batangas then you can contract a jeep or tricycle to the resort of destination. As mentioned we do not recommend this so just call us if you need more details.

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